Effective training at home

And so it happened, there is no turning back! We are exactly 4 months away from the start of astronomical summer. Do you know what that means? If you've been planning to welcome this year's summer with the "form of life" you've had for years, you have the last call!

Difficult access to the gym is no excuse for us. Together with our trainer Dominika Firek we have prepared a short guide on how to take care of your body at home.

It started with the iconic HVS with aerobics performed by Jane Fonda and ended with hundreds of training videos available online. You will admit that this is a very convenient way to make a habit of exercising regularly.

It's lucky that in 2021 we have such a huge access to free knowledge, workout plans or menus. By spending an hour a day, we are able to plan a workout tailored to our needs, in addition without leaving home and at virtually no cost! It may not replace one hundred percent professional cooperation with a personal trainer, but it is certainly a responsible first step.

Once a week, BeShaped trainer Dominika Firek, conducts live training. During these meetings you have the opportunity to test yourself during different types of workouts. In order not to miss any of them and to prepare properly for them, you should sign up here. Before the training you will receive a notification with the most important information.

But if you're not a fan or you missed a workout online, no worries! They are all stored on our Youtube channel. Enjoy them to the fullest! In addition, every Thursday on our instagram is the time for short training videos focusing on individual parts of the body. Videos appear punctually at 17:00.

With the basic information behind us, let's get down to specifics!

1. home interval training

This is a high-intensity interval training that is very effective at reducing body fat.

This method, by alternating short intense exercises with those of moderate effort, forces our body to raise the heart rate to upper limits, and lower it. Interval training involves the whole body, so before starting each workout remember about proper warm-up.

It is worth adding that this type of training is short (from 4 (Tabata) to 30 minutes), but very intensive.

Although you may associate interval training only with running, you can easily do it at home. If you've already built your own mini gym in your apartment, equipped at least with a stationary bike, great, your task is easier. But if your workout revolves around a mat or a skipping rope - we can do it too!

Examples of interval exercises without the use of equipment:

Get down - get up (BURPEES)
Horizontal forearm push-ups (PLANK)
Jump rope (ROPE JUMP)
2) cardio endurance training

Swimming, biking, walking, jumping jacks, and running, among others. Despite our sincere desire, most of the above-mentioned we are not able to perform at home, but the increasingly beautiful weather outside the window, timidly urges us to train outside the house.

Put on your headphones, choose your favorite music or podcast and go for a walk at a brisk pace, jog outside, or choose a bike instead of the car. Rollerblades are also great in the spring!

Although the advantages of this form of training are numerous, it is not the reduction of fat tissue that is the most important. Such a workout forces our cardiovascular and respiratory systems to work, and this strengthens the heart and lungs. It reduces the risk of heart attack or diabetes, but also improves mood and regulates metabolism.

Trainer's tips: In cardio, it is very important to try to keep your heart rate in the so-called cardio zone, and to keep it constant for the duration of the workout. An excellent solution for measuring heart rate will be a watch, which has the measurement of heart rate on the wrist, it is not a big expense and should help us a lot

3. circuit training

It is a method of training, which allows to maximize the intensity of effort, and shorten the time of regular training. It consists of performing one exercise after another, with short breaks, in so called circuits. All exercises are performed on time, e.g.

first circuit: 60 seconds of work, 10 seconds break
second circuit: 45 seconds of work, 10 seconds break
Third circuit: 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds break.
The advantage of circuit training is that its intensity is regulated by us individually. Therefore, during the work segment, try to perform as many repetitions as possible, not forgetting the correct technique!

Examples of exercises in circuit training:

Fall-Rise (BURPEE)
Running with high knee lift (SKIP A)
Push-ups with side-to-side transitions (PUSH UPS)
Full sit-ups (SIT-UPS)
Push-ups with a push-up (JUMP SQU)

You can find an example of such a workout on our instagram BeShaped_EN

Trainer's tip:Try to regulate the intensity evenly so that you can get to the end of your workout. :) These are very intense exercises, so pay attention not to lengthen breaks between exercises as you get more and more tired.
4. minimalist workout

This is the kind of workout you can do anywhere, and all the necessary equipment you'll be able to take with you in your hand luggage on vacation or a weekend out of town.

We are talking about resistance bands, which definitely can be called the smallest gym in the world. ;) It is a gadget that will add variety to any workout, while making it even more effective. Training with rubber bands will help you strengthen and firm your body. It involves all parts of the body, focusing on specific muscle work. There is no room for breathlessness, but beware - it will be hell!

Training with resistance bands can be easily adjusted to your level of proficiency depending on the level of resistance. You should get at least two elastic bands of different resistance. Medium and strong ones you can use for training legs and buttocks, and the light ones for arms.

Examples of exercises using resistance bands:

You can find the full workout on our instagram @BeShaped_EN

Trainer's tip: Start with rubber bands that have less resistance and focus on technique. The basic mistake is choosing a rubber with too much resistance, which results in jerky movements and working not the muscles you want to activate at the moment.

5. strength training

It's not necessarily weights and weight of equipment. We will prove that you can easily do such exercises at home.

Strength training is all about strengthening your muscles and toning your body. When training at home, use your own body weight and some equipment such as dumbbells or kettlebells.

Examples of exercises:

Kettlebell squat (GOBLET SQUAT)
Dead on straight legs with dumbbells (DB ROMANIAN DEADLIFT)
Single dumbbell row (1-ARM DB ROW)
Side dumbbell raises (DB LATERAL RAISES)
Trainer's tip: It's a very good idea to supply your home gym with a set of twisted handsprings, where you can achieve a relatively high load. Due to the fact that our muscles and joints are loaded with additional weight, it is necessary to perform the exercises very precisely from the technical point of view.

At the very end, a friendly reminder - stretching!

Most of us remember to warm up before training, but how about stretching right after? If you haven't practiced it so far, it's high time to change it!

Lack of stretching after workout means not only soreness and cramps, but above all the visual aspect. Stretching is a set of exercises that relax muscles and make them more flexible. In addition, it lengthens the muscles, which results in a slimmer body. The figure becomes more and more open and upright. The posture improves and the range of motion increases. In addition, this type of exercise improves circulation, helps to relax and calm down after an intense workout, improves muscle strength and improves blood circulation.

Stretching training is worth doing not only after the workout, but also in the form of independent exercises. Remember never to strain your body, and exercise only to the point of mild soreness. Do not stretch your muscles by force and watch your exercise technique.

Sample exercises:

Child Position (CHILD POSE)
Cat's back (CAT CAMEL)
TRUMP rotation while lying down (SUPINE TWIST)
Standing bend (hands to ankles) (STANDING HAMSTRING STRETCH)

Trainer's Tip: Regularity is key! Just as our muscles need regular stimulation to grow (workouts), they also need regular relaxation. Neglecting this stage can lead to serious injuries. Do not forget that stretching is just as important as intensive training. They complement each other perfectly!

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