Can you exercise during your period?

We don't have it easy, girls! A few days a month "taken out of life". Often experienced in a bad mood, accompanied by stomach pain, jelly beans and three types of chocolate. How about exercise during menstruation? Should we exercise or spend these days lounging and resting?

The answer is simple - practice! And no excuses, because physical activity during the period serves our body. Training will help you deal with most of the negative, periodic ailments.The effort will deal with the tense abdominal muscles, thus reducing cramps and lower abdominal pain. The same principle applies to the loins, which become tense during menstruation and cause discomfort.

The situation is similar when we have heavy bleeding. If you know that this is your nature, and you have consulted the problem with a gynecologist - exercise, but avoid intensive training. Intervals, jumping jacks, and abdominal exercises can further aggravate the bleeding. Adjust the exercises to your mood. If you are not feeling well, choose yoga, stretching, jogging, or light workouts.

All of these activities will relax the body and soothe periodic cramps.If you are feeling well, you can take it easy and do your usual training and you will find that after warming up your body will be grateful for it.You don't have to limit yourself in any way during your period. If you feel like cardio - do cardio. Strength training? There is not the slightest problem.

Do whatever you want! After all, period is not a disease, but a normal physiological process that we must live with, whether we want it or not.

How else can you relieve yourself these days? Drink a lot of water. During the period, water builds up in our body. This is why the weight shows 1.5-3 kg more, we have swollen legs or a larger stomach. Drinking water will help us get rid of the one that has accumulated uninvited. Also remember that salt and all salty foods are not your ally.

Avoid foods that cause gas. We say to beans and other legumes "see you in a few days!" Avoid dark bread, large amounts of dairy products and some vegetables, e.g. broccoli.Give yourself more slack! 2 days without counting calories or lying in front of Netflix have not hurt anyone yet, so relax! Take a bath, do a workout and treat yourself special! 

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