How to smuggle more vegetables into your meals? We know the answer!

The topic has been rolled out for generations - vegetables! After all, since childhood, each of us has heard to "eat the meat and leave the potatoes". Now, when we personally take care of our menu, we are well aware of the value of vegetables in the diet. While we eat portions of fruit with pleasure, it can be different with vegetables. How and why should you smuggle even more vegetables into your meals? Read today's post!

Vegetables are a huge dose of nutritional values, vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are light, have extremely low calories and you can make literally anything from them. This is evidenced by all vegan (i.e. vegetable) substitutes already available in every large supermarket. Pea "meat", lentil noodles, cashew cheese ... There's a whole lot of it! But we will not encourage you to this lifestyle, and we will show you a few simple tricks thanks to which you will get a decent dose of vitamins and minerals straight from nature without tears or grinding your teeth! 

1. Smoothies, juices, cocktails


Delicious, refreshing, filling and most importantly - healthy! This is probably the most pleasant form of smuggling vegetables! ;) They will replace a quick breakfast, a refreshing post-workout drink or a tasty snack.Example: Add a large handful of spinach to an orange, a banana, half a lemon and a little ginger. Spinach will give the cocktail an energizing color, and at the same time provide you with valuable beta-carotene, lutein, vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnet and folic acid. Is it worth it? ;)

2. Cream soups

I don't think there is anything easier! Perfect for a quick hunger, lunch or dinner. In addition, you can conjure up delicious combinations with which you will surprise yourself and your loved ones.Example: Always have a can of beans on the alert (dry beans will also be okay, but remember to soak and cook them the day before) and some favorite vegetables. Beans will boost the protein, while the soup will acquire its original taste thanks to the remaining vegetables. Add red pepper, carrots, parsley and onion. For this, prepare your favorite spices and a generous handful of fresh coriander or parsley. All you need to do is boil it and blend it into cream. It will be delicious, and how healthy!


3. Cakes, muffins, lots of sweets!

That's right, from vegetables! Tomato gingerbread, carrot cake, zucchini muffins or bean brownies are just some of the delicacies that you will prepare in your kitchen using vegetables. There are tons of recipes and you will surely find your favorite recipe. Remember that it is not like adding carrots, the dough becomes healthy, #fit and can be eaten without restriction. Use healthier substitutes in baking, e.g. spelled flour instead of wheat, erythritol or xylitol instead of sugar. You will reduce calories and increase nutritional value. 

4. Sandwich pastes and dips

Any vegetable spreads are perfect for a movie and a quick breakfast sandwich.In stores you will find many ready-made items with a good composition, but you can prepare it yourself just as quickly at home. The most delicious are the use of pods - e.g. hummus, i.e. chickpea paste, bean lard or lentil pate. Put the paste on a good sourdough bread, eat it in a wrap, eat with grissini or (whole!) With vegetables in stakes as a perfect snack.

5. Chips, fries

Not only from potatoes and sweet potatoes. Have you ever tried carrot, parsley or celery fries? I guarantee you will be lost! Bake with a little oil and your favorite spices. Remember to always salt the fries after taking them out of the oven - they will be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Add your favorite dip to it, and you're done!

6. Pesto

not only from basil Pesto doesn't have to mean a bunch of basil, a bunch of olive oil and caloric (but delicious) Parmesan cheese. Prepare broccoli, avocado or radish leaves pesto. This is an idea for a mega-simple dinner full of crazy amounts of vitamins! Did you know that radish leaves have an anti-inflammatory effect on our body, have a strong anti-cancer effect, cleanse the body of toxins, aid digestion, accelerate metabolism and strengthen immunity? Therefore, instead of treating them as waste and throwing them in the trash, blend them with olive oil, pine nuts, salt and garlic, and then eat with your favorite pasta. It will be delicious and healthy!

As you can see, vegetables are strong! Therefore, do not give up on them when composing your daily meals. If you are not a fan of them in their original, raw form, follow our tips. We are sure you will be positively surprised!

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